Hosted Email Security

Have confidence with every email you send
and receive

Have confidence with every email you send and receive

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Hosted Email Security by thinkIT Solutions

Think about it, email is your main line of communication—but it’s also a main target for unwanted intruders. You need an email solution that allows you to send and receive files of any size without worrying every time you hit the send button or open a message.

ThinkIT Solutions lets you communicate securely, efficiently and most importantly—with confidence. We’ll set up robust email systems and help you maximize your investment with the latest tools for streamlining communication and collaboration while keeping it tightly secured.

What Benefits Will I Get with
Hosted Email Security Services?

  • Protection from spam, malware and phishing scams
  • Quick backup and recovery in the event of disaster
  • Office 365 and Outlook support and integration
  • Improved uptime and server support
  • User training and support

Send and receive safe emails without having to think twice.

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