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Businessmen need to understand what is cloud computing services. This allows the understanding of its role in E-commerce.

With the demands of the E-commerce trend, cloud computing is more of a necessity than an expense. Businesses have begun migrating to the Internet where the virtual market awaits.

This continuous expansion of market in the Internet paved the way for the cloud. Thus, the question about what is cloud computing services became a common inquiry.

What Is Cloud Computing Service

What Is Cloud Computing Services by Definition

Definition comes first before we seek to understand what is cloud computing services. Cloud computing is the use of the Internet as a network to store, manage and process data via remote servers. This practice replaces the typical use of a local server or a personal computer for the said tasks.

Knowing what is cloud computing services by definition is not enough. You also need to know how it works for you and your business. Here are the other ways to understand what is cloud computing services:

What Is Cloud Computing Services Based on Features

Knowing what is cloud computing services takes note of its features. The unique capacity of cloud computing distinguishes it from other computing services.

Some of the notable features that answer to what is cloud computing services are:

  1. Accessibility and mobility

Accessibility and mobility go hand in hand. Among the features of cloud computing services, they are the most popular. In this Information Age, accessibility is power. Thus, cloud computing provides this advantage to access data. On top of that, mobility seals the deal. In a fast paced lifestyle, people need to take their data everywhere. The cloud provides this mobility by allowing access to data anytime, anywhere.

  1. Cost Savings 

Cloud computing appeals to many businessmen because of cost savings. New entrepreneurs need to stick to their budget. That makes cloud computing the ideal service to start an online business. Entrepreneurs save costs from infrastructure, maintenance, and monitoring that cloud takes care of. Also, its price depends on how much resources you use. This on-demand policy allows small businesses to maximize the value of their money.

  1. Security 

Security is a feature and at the same time, a common issue in cloud computing. Since you need to upload your data online, some hesitate. Cloud computing security ensures that it is ready to ward off any malicious attack. Cloud computing made this feature reliable in securing information from data breach.

  1. Flexibility and Reliability 

Real account users have proven cloud computing flexible. This flexibility starts from its price to its resources. This makes cloud computing the practical choice for online business.

On top of this, cloud computing offers reliability for a 99.99% guaranteed uptime. This is possible because of the vast resources of cloud computing. Servers can act as backup to other servers that might encounter hardware failure.

What is Cloud Computing Services Based on Types 

To understand what is cloud computing services, you need to know its types. The types of cloud computing services include the basic computing resources it provides. It is also classified according to deployment. Here are some of them:

Types of Cloud Computing Services Based on Deployment

  • Public – using cloud computing from a company that offers cloud services.

  • Private – is the sole host of your infrastructure. This increases control and security for the owner. Large websites that need dedicated services prefer private cloud computing.

  • Hybrid – the use of both private and public cloud computing services. Website owners do this to secure more important applications in a private server.

  • Community – a community network that provides cloud computing services to its clients.

Types of Cloud Computing Services Based on Service

Knowing the cloud services allows better understanding of what is cloud computing services. Here are the basic services that cloud computing provides:

  • IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) – allows renting of infrastructure or virtual machines. When a website owner avails this service, the price depends on the usage. The pay-per-use policy applies here.

  • PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) – also an on-demand service. This one allows usage of cloud as a platform for applications. The cloud provides avenue for development, test, delivery and management of software. It also provides opportunity for web and mobile application creation.

  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) – a service that reduces costs. This application does not consume IaaS resources which can reduce cloud computing fees. It uploads functional blocks of code to maintain and manage cloud computing services.

Let’s sum it up. Understanding what is cloud computing services include the knowledge of the following:

(1) its definition;

(2) the features of its services;

(3) its types; and

(4) how they actually work for you and your business.

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